Last 10km 2017 in pills

Last 10km 2017 is a  running event collateral in Verona Marathon, 2016, one of the most impressive and important Italian marathons that will take place in Verona on November 19, 2017.


Thousands of people of all ages and different competitive level will walk in the same course where will pass Verona Marathon to arrive in the charming Piazza Bra to enjoy the applause of the participants have already arrived and spectators, in a context of shows and entertainment that will continue until ‘arrival of all marathon runners.


In recent years the proposal has been enthusiastically received:

in the first year  unexpected results have been achieved , not only in terms of participation (5,000 participants) and economic (20,000 Euros of direct funding), but also in the creation of a new form of aggregation and participation of all the Third Sector. A sunny day saw a river of happy participants, as happens in Verona in the great days of celebration Running, in February with the Romeo and Juliet Half Marathon in May with the Straverona and in December with the Christmas Run.

The second year has repeated the success although not with the same number of participants: the adverse climate has greatly reduced the presence of last hour runners. Four thousand people have participated in the initiative, however, under a leaden sky, after several days of rain: many wore the beautiful original T-shirts made specifically for LAST10 by QUID.

The proceeds amounted to over € 15,000 for charity projects.


The third edition saw departure and arrival in Piazza Bra, where was located the Expo Village, a meeting point for participants and a place of interest for visitors.

The event was large, 4,770 people ran/walked the streets of Verona aware of the gesture made beneficial. The proceeds of the ONP was over 28,800 Euros.


The fourth edition still in Piazza bra was a success again with funding for more than 20.000 Euros


In the fifth Edition 2016 a select number of Nonprofit Organizations joined the event as they see a special occasion of public visibility and the opportunity to raise funds for their specific charity projects. The presence of stands managed by NPOs in the EXPO located in Piazza Bra and the ability to do animation and involve athletes, spectators and passers-by, are creating great enthusiasm as well as the sale of the chest between friends and acquaintances.


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